URG 2012 Conference

Pivot Table Presentation

The handout for the Pivot Table presentation can be found by clicking this link, Pinnacle_Pivot_Table.pdf.  Once the file opens, click the icon at the disk at the top to save it to your hard drive.

In this file, you will find complete instructions on how to use Excel's Pivot Tables when crushing your cars. As a bonus feature, there is an example of how to manage your warehouse using similar techniques.

Feel free to share this file and experiment with the technique. If you figure something out that is really cool, please share it with me by emailing mike@mikefarlow.com


eBay Listing

Pinnacle Professional has some eBay functionality that only continues to improve. One of the best ways to get a large quantities of items listed and looking great on eBay is to use a third party listing software.

When Pinnacle Pro first started with eBay, one of the few offerings out there was Blackthorne Pro, a software the was acquired by eBay and offered as a subscription item. While this software was great in its time, it is begging to suffer from the lack of imrpovement and many other frustrating glitches that frequently encountered by other Blackthorne users and fellow auto recyclers are very likely to encounter. Support for the product is very weak, and it's become well known that eBay is not going to invest any major development resources into new features.

As a substitute, I highly recommend SixBit Software. I have been using it for over 6 weeks now and am highly amazed at its capability.

Sixbit is developed by the same person and team that created Blackthorne Pro and sold it to eBay. John Slocum has take everything that he learnd with Pro and his dealings with eBay and created a vastly superior product with vastly superior service. And the near immediate answers to frustrating problems is one of the best things going for it. The improvements, ehancements, and upgrades are very frequent and always expand the capacity and ease of use.

There is a a learning curve to learn the more advanced techniques. But face it, there was the similar curve with Pinnacle Professional. Once you know the advanced stuff with SixBit, you will be able to post an entire vehicle's worth of primary and fluff parts into detailed listings very quickly, photos included. At my best I am able to get about 100 parts per car listed in about 1hr45 minutes. Sometimes faster. And I'm now training a employee to take this over and we hope to boost our eBay activity toward $20,000 a month.

A final benefit to switching to Sixibit is the ability to post your sales to Amazon.com. Currently, this is not offered, but the announced plans are to have this active by Fall 2012.

I highly encourage you to visit the SixBit website by clicking the graphic below. If you have questions about it, call or email me.